Bowling Fun for Kids in Los Angeles County - The Best Places to Go

Are you looking for a fun and exciting activity for your kids in Los Angeles County? Look no further than bowling! With a fully automated bumper system and dragon-shaped ramps, bowling is a great way to have fun for all ages. There are plenty of places to go bowling in Los Angeles County, each with its own unique features. Pickwick Bowl is a great place to start. This 24-lane bowling alley is open five days a week and offers a fully automated bumper system and dragon-shaped ramps.

The bar, snack bar and lounge are temporarily closed, but the Pro Shop is open by appointment only. If you're looking for something a bit more unique, try the aptly named Behemoth Burger at Bowlero in Los Angeles. This six-pound tumbler is sure to be a hit with your friends. And don't forget the 123 oz Dunk Tank, a fruity cocktail served in a fish tank.

For a more vintage experience, check out Montrose Bowl. This traditional alley opened in 1936 and offers eight vintage bowling alleys and 1950s-style decor for private parties and corporate events. It's also available as a retro setting for movies, television series and photo sessions. Shatto 39 Lanes in Koreatown has stayed pretty much the same since it opened in 1954. It's a great place to go for old-school bowling with some of the most modern amenities.

Harley's is another great option for families looking for a fun, small-group outing. It offers Cosmic Bowling, family bowling nights, College Nights, and Dollar Nights. Plus, it's part of the Kids Bowl Free plan. Finally, Pinz Bowling Center is a popular bowling alley for families looking for a fun, small-group outing, corporate events and closing parties in Hollywood. It has a bowling alley, pool tables, a full menu that includes cocktails and is close to other attractions. Take your kids bowling in Los Angeles County! It's fun for kids of all ages, it's indoors and it's incredibly cool.

Plus, it's even a great choice for birthday parties. If you're looking for an exciting activity that your kids will love in Los Angeles County, look no further than bowling! With plenty of options to choose from, you can find the perfect place to take your family or group of friends for an unforgettable experience. From vintage alleys to modern amenities, there's something for everyone when it comes to bowling in Los Angeles County. So grab your shoes and get ready to have some fun.

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