What is the Age Limit for Kids to Bowl in Los Angeles County?

Bowling is a great activity for kids, and many bowling alleys offer amazing promotions during summer vacation, where children can play for free every day. The Pinz Bowling Center in Hollywood is a popular spot for families, small groups, corporate events, and bachelor parties. North Bowl Lanes is the main bowling center in the Champlain Valley, located 50 miles away from the nearest bowling center in New York. If you're looking for a place to bowl occasionally, or you want to host a party at a bowling alley, Winnetka Bowl is the place to go.

When considering buying a bowling alley, make sure to ask about the current expenses and if the equipment such as pinsetters, ball return, and scoring system are included in the sale. These items can be quite expensive. Wendy Kennar is a mother, writer, and former teacher who has lived all her life in the same Los Angeles zip code. She knows firsthand how important it is for parents to find fun activities for their children that are safe and age-appropriate.

In Los Angeles County, most bowling alleys have an age limit of 18 years old or younger.